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YL 2017 US Hispanic – Silla Silenciosa Winners


Sustainable Stays

Bully is about to embark on a journey that’s a bit different than his previous ones.
His upcoming trip will consist of discovering environmentally hotels and homes, all viewed from his POV.

Influencer: @BullySteria



We will immerse the viewers in raw, unscripted journeys of some of the world’s harsh realities.
Each segment will be filmed with a 360° camera and our audience will be taken through spine-chilling thrills through the eyes of Lilia Luciano.

Influencer: Lilia Luciano



In an ongoing effort to help boost confidence in young teens and spread awareness,
a group of influencers will share their stories through a series of mini documentaries.

Influencers: @PauTips, @Caelike, @LuisaFernanda, @Juna144.


Client: RAZE TV
Art Director:
Ramiro Carranza
Copywriter: Bárbara Bandres


The Vitalidad Wall

With help from Michelle Vázquez, Miami based muralist, we created a Mural of Vitalidad in the streets of Wynwood-Miami. We recorded her work from beginning to end, and talk to her about her Latina background, her ocean inspiration and the true reason for being a muralist in both, English and Spanish since the brand targets bilingual Latinas.

Long version video

This digital campaign was about creating the Glade’s “Mural de la Vitalidad” and sharing the videos through Facebook, as well as having a Facebook Canvas Ad that will put together all the videos and phrases for users to share.

This “Mural de la Vitalidad” was on display for 3 months, starting July 01st. 2016.
We’ll hand out candles with frases de vitalidad as giveaways during Art Walk, the second saturday of every month.

VP-Creative Director: Marcos Moure
ACD-Art Director: Victor Amador
Copywriter: Bárbara Bandres

To see more of my work for Glade®, search just type #SienteGlade on Facebook or  https://www.facebook.com/pg/GladeLatino/photos/

Sun Bicycles

While studying at Miami Ad School, one of my favorite ways to write was in single lines and headlines. So I loved posters! And, one of my favorite poster series is this one, made for a local store called Sun Bicycles. They create and customize your bikes depending on what you want and what you like. So, that’s why Sun Bicycles fits your style.

Featured on:
Design Taxi Blog Magazine
Athenna Design Magazine
Korean Blog

AD: David Uribe
CW: Bárbara Bandres

HBO – Latino

The main objective was to provide the POP materials; so they could promote the show in a more attractive, impressive and interesting way.


El objetivo principal fue proveerle a nuestros operadores los materiales promocionales, que necesitaban para publicitar la serie de una manera más atractiva, impactante e interesante.