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9/11 Live for today

September 11. Just to hear that date gives goose bumps, and makes all of us remember that terrible day. The whole word where affected, but if it is true, the most affected were the new yorkers.

For that reason, we, a group of Miami Ad School Students from different parts of the world challenged ourselves to do something for the NYC people, and make them feel great about life by helping them to remember 9/11 without tears.

So, we decided to go out the streets and make some american’s flags in the cross-walks of some of the most importance streets in NYC, with the line “Live For Today” Which in this case means, that you should be proud of yourself and happy living your life.

Our reach was amazing. We got covered by many important ad-blogs, and websites; including Ads of the world, Creativity, and Advertising Age. Same happened with the newspapers of NYC, Minneapolis and Miami, and the TV News on NYC. Likewise we most count the hundreds of instagram pictures and tweets under the hash-tag #LiveForToday. And all this is without counting the impression of the people who was walking on the NYC’s streets that day.

Stefan Haverkamp

Bárbara Bandres (Miami)
Brenna B Pileggi (Minneapolis)
Erick Gorodestky (Miami)
Charlie Shneider (Miami)

Austin Arnold (Miami)
Keri Tan (NYC)
Jaime Flynn (Minneapolis)
Anja Michael (Hamburg)