Sun Bicycles

While studying at Miami Ad School, one of my favorite ways to write was in single lines and headlines. So I loved posters! And, one of my favorite poster series is this one, made for a local store called Sun Bicycles. They create and customize your bikes depending on what you want and what you like. So, that’s why Sun Bicycles fits your style.

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AD: David Uribe
CW: Bárbara Bandres

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SUN Bicycles

  • Fits your style

    People say that the best way to drive a bicycle is with your feet, but I actually believe that is with Style. That's why SUN Bicycles, a Miami local store wanted to create their own bicycle style, that match with you. Different from other industrialized bicycle brands, SUN Bicycles produces their bikes based on your preferences and needs, giving them a little bit of essence. Giving them your own style