About me:

I’m a passionate writer, y hablo 'hasta por los codos' with or without wine. Arepas, cachapas and empanadas are my favorite dishes, so… guess where I’m from. I’m crazy in love with sloths! Pero, aren’t they the cutest? Mmm... I can say my favorite season is autumn, even though there are not seasons in Miami but seasonings… a lot of them! And, I LOVE dancing… así, bien cliché.

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  • Barbara is crazy! She’s a person with a really special kind of craziness, the kind that spreads easily. She infects you with her joy, good vibes and her unique way of looking at life and the world. The kind of craziness that is hard to find, because while everyone is trying to fit in she manages to stand out.

    Humberto Maldonado, Copywriter

  • I love working with Barbara. She's hardworking and fun to be around. BONUS POINTS: She has excellent hair accessories and an impressive collection of Pop Bobbleheads.

    Brooke Holland, Art Director

  • Working with Barbara is nothing short of fantastic. Really, I mean it. You have this terrific person who never (ever, ever) complains about a task or pushes back and is always able to make your day better – even Mondays. A friend, more than a coworker, who makes everyone who gets to work with her entitled to call themselves EXTRA lucky.

    Danielle Surliuga, Account Manager

  • Barb is a dedicated professional who is always eager to help! Her great work etiquette combined with her cheerful, easy-going personality makes her a great addition to the team.

    Veselina Angelova, Sr. Art Director